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Hello Reader.


Another quick post today letting our Portuguese speaking readers know that another episode of the “Papo de Mesa” Podcast has been posted on the blog.


As usual if you speak the language I couldn’t recommend it more. This episode was a blat to record and it gets funnier each time I listen to it while painting.




Hello Reader!


Another quick post today letting people know the second part of the second episode of the Papo de Mesa Podcast is finally online.


In this episode we continue talking about the rudiments of miniature painting, sharing our insights with our listeners, so if you ever wondered what “primer” is, had no clue about how to “Drybrush” or “Wash” a miniature and has been wondering what the hell milk consistency is ever since you first began painting this episode is right for you. Mind you our episodes are recorded in Brazilian Portuguese.




Hello Reader.


Another episode of our podcast show was published last Tuesday. I could only get round to posting about it here on the blog today so if you’ve been listening to it and have been waiting for a new episode to be published here I apologize.


This week’s episode has been dubbed “Painting 101” as the hosts, your truly here and my mate “Ultra”Marcos from the CPT&P blog, and guests chat a bit about the miniature painting hobby sharing what we consider important tips for those beginning in the hobby.




Hello there.


Another quick post today letting our readers know we’ve published the second part of our podcast.





Hello Reader.


I couldn’t be happier as a project which has been nurtured for very long has finally seen the light of day.


If there is one thing the wargaming hobby has provided me with over the course of the last decade are good like minded friends.


One of these is Marcos, also known as “Ultra”Marcos, from the “Chumbo Plástico Tinta & Pincel” blog, whom I’ve become very close to over the years. As we live far away from each other one of the things we do a lot is talking about our hobby and our hobby related experiences over the internet and on the phone and as we’re both great enthusiasts of podcasting we had often talked about doing it ourselves focusing on our hobby.




Hello there Reader.


I’m quite often asked how one should begin in the hobby of miniature painting. The answer couldn’t be simpler: Buy some miniatures, good paints and a good brush and start painting. It’s really that simple.


Miniature painting, like any other skill, is an ability which we’ll develop over time with a lot of study and practice.



Hello Reader.


Quick break today from the series of “A Tale of X Gamers” posts to let you know I’ve added a new feature to the blog.


I’ve been meaning to add a Blogroll to the blog for a while now but couldn’t seem to find how to implement that on the WordPress platform. Well, I still haven’t managed to do that properly but, for the time being, I’ve added a list of other Brazilian hobby related blogs I regularly visit and hope that interests you as well (even if you don’t speak portuguese they’re well worth the visit for miniature photos, as miniature photos are ALWAYS nice to see – and there’s always Google to help).


Here’s the list (you can also find them linked in the column on the left):



I’ll probably have a second list of blogs implemented soon with the other blogs out there I follow and I’ll also look into implementing a proper Blogroll here soon.


If you happen to have a hobby related blog don’t hesitate to comment with the link to it so I can check it out and possibly add it to my reading list.


Over and out.




Salve Leitor.


Dando um tempo na sequência de artigos do “Um conto de X Jogadores” tenho hoje uma rápida atualização com uma novidade aqui no blog.


Já há algum tempo tenho tentado fazer um “Blogroll” aqui no The Painting Frog indexando outros blogs nacionais sobre wargames e pintura de miniaturas e hoje finalmente consegui adicioná-lo por aqui. Ainda não está no formato que eu queria, mas serve enquanto estudo as opções para implementá-lo como originalmente queria.


Pra começar listei os blogs que eu mesmo costumo visitar e que ficam aqui na minha pasta de favoritos. São eles:



Se você possuiu um blog sobre wargames, ou sobre a pintura de miniaturas, e queria vê-lo adicionado por aqui não hesite em deixar um comentário com o endereço do seu blog para que eu possa adicioná-lo.


Até breve.