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We’re here with my last article for the “A tale of X Gamers” series created by the “The Painting Frog” blog.


We get now to the end of this journey which has been unfolding for more than a year, during which I collected and painted these figures for the Warhammer 40.000 game. On this last step of the road I have completed the painting process of 36 Termagaunts which I needed in order to properly field the Tervigon without making use of proxies.





Hello Reader.


Continuing our sequence of “Road to Mordheim” articles today’s article focuses on the creatures I knew I’d have in the Warband ever since I decided to have a Vampire Counts Warband, and as the title of this article implies, no I’m not talking about vampires.


If you’ve read my first article in this series you know by now my Warband focuses on a Strigoi vampire, sent to Mordheim at the behest of a more powerful “master” for some reason we still don’t know.


In the Warhammer Fantasy background Strigoi vampires are bestial creatures, little more than ravening beasts, often called “Ghoul Kings” because of their association with these famous fantasy creatures.






Vitor here from the “Vamos Ver no Pano Verde” blog with another article for the “A Tale of X Gamers” (AToXG) project.


This is my one of my final articles about how to collect a 1500 point army for the Warhammer 40.000 game. As I write this article we’re now nearing the end of my participation on this project, but not the end of my Tyranid collection which I think will only grow from now on.




Hello folks!


Finally, we get to the last article in this series! I admit I am a little late, but that’s not without reason. My studies, mostly, demanded a great share of my time and I couldn’t leave this aside. When the texts and seminars were done, I could get back to the hobby.


The last unit added to the army is another Tactical Squad, with a lascannon and a graviton gun as special weapons, and with a plasma pistol for the sergeant. The unit was build around the marines from the Assault on Black Reach boxed set, with the lascannon being a leftover from the Devastators box and the graviton gun a bit purchased in separate, as were the parts I needed for the rest of the unit, such as the legs.




The wooden planks on the bottom of the horse drawn cart creaked, complaining about the heavy weight set upon them. “… and eight, nine, ten” the small man finished counting the recently dug up corpses as they were piled up unceremoniously atop the vehicle.


He paid each of the grave robbers a silver piece for their work and their silence and hopped at the cart’s seat, tapped the big man holding the reins and signaled forward. Without making a sound the hulking brute whipped the horses with the reins urging them forward, which the animals promptly did.


It was past the middle of the night, the witching hour some folks called it, and they had miles to go before the end of their journey. The cart’s bottom had been covered in straws so they’d soak the putrefying ichors and layers of “stink me not” and other fragrant flowers has been intermingled with the corpses to mask their rotting smell. These were the freshest the small man was able to find, he had even arranged for a few of them to be made into corpses to begin with, as the master had required fresh corpses for the reanimation process. These would have to last a while as the road to the City of the Damned was a long winding one.






We’re getting to the end of our participation on the “A tale of X Gamers” project here on the “The Painting Frog” blog. This time I decided to paint a bunch of miniatures at the same time as their color scheme is the same.


I’ve initially painted the Deathleaper and the Zoanthropes along with the Tervigon. After a while I painted the two Carnifexes and added the five Genestealers to the production line.




Gorgoloth’s Hounds.


Ele se movia determinada e silenciosamente em direção ao velho pórtico engastado na colina. As velhas hastes de metal do qual eram feitas o portão haviam há muito sido corroídas pela ação do tempo, esfacelando-se com a ferrugem e tornando-o sem serventia, motivo pelo qual o portão jazia agora semiaberto, testemunha silenciosa e impotente das idas e vindas da criatura que habitava os túneis mais além, dos quais um dia fora guardião.


Os túneis fantasmagóricos sob o velho forte eram evitados por todos, e mesmo aqueles a seu serviço evitavam transitar por ali, pois, ainda que não soubessem a exata natureza da criatura que vivia aqui, eles, os serviçais, sempre sentiram que os túneis eram o domínio de algo maligno, algo que predava tanto homens quanto outras criaturas da escuridão.


Qualquer outra pessoa provavelmente se perderia no labirinto de passagens que recortavam a colina sob a qual se assentava há séculos o velho forte de propriedade de sua família. Os aldeões da região especulavam que as passagens e túneis se estenderiam até as bordas de suas terras, enquanto outros atestavam de forma veemente que uma pessoa poderia ir de um lado ao outro das Colinas Uivantes sem jamais ver a luz do dia empregando os túneis. Ele sabia que as passagens não iam tão longe. Tendo caminhado ele mesmo incontáveis vezes por cada um dos túneis ao longo dos últimos séculos, ele conhecia cada centímetro de cada tune, afinal de contas Ele era o mestre aqui.