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We’re here with my last article for the “A tale of X Gamers” series created by the “The Painting Frog” blog.


We get now to the end of this journey which has been unfolding for more than a year, during which I collected and painted these figures for the Warhammer 40.000 game. On this last step of the road I have completed the painting process of 36 Termagaunts which I needed in order to properly field the Tervigon without making use of proxies.







Vitor here from the “Vamos Ver no Pano Verde” blog with another article for the “A Tale of X Gamers” (AToXG) project.


This is my one of my final articles about how to collect a 1500 point army for the Warhammer 40.000 game. As I write this article we’re now nearing the end of my participation on this project, but not the end of my Tyranid collection which I think will only grow from now on.






We’re getting to the end of our participation on the “A tale of X Gamers” project here on the “The Painting Frog” blog. This time I decided to paint a bunch of miniatures at the same time as their color scheme is the same.


I’ve initially painted the Deathleaper and the Zoanthropes along with the Tervigon. After a while I painted the two Carnifexes and added the five Genestealers to the production line.






I’m back after a long time off, to continue our “AToXG” project.


The reason it took me so long to write again was because I had been working on my Eldar finishing them and also painting the terrain that were used on CGW’s “Summer Tournament”, but I also had real life charging its price on the hobby.



Hello! This is Vitor from the “Vamos ver no Pano Verde” blog. In this article I’ll showcase the progress of my Tyranids collection.


For this month I’ve decided to paint all the small models I had available here, as the painting process for them is quite repetitive.


The models I had here were a Zoanthrope, three Hive Guards and four bases of Ripper Swarms.







So we’re back with another article for the “A Tale of X Gamers” project. This is Vitor from the “Vamos Ver no Pano Verde” blog writing here once more.


This month I have decided to work on my Genestealers and the Broodlord. I looked over the Broodlord figure and decided to take my chances with a conversion, as it seemed simple to do it. I noticed the model was only a regular Genestealer, albeit a bigger one on a more erect position, so I got hold of a regular Genestealer, sawed the torso and repositioned it over a wire frame, fixing it in place with some greenstuff.



Bom não foi só aos Ultramarines que me dediquei ao longo do mês de abril. Gosto de “side projects”, miniaturas que você pode trabalhar enquanto espera que o “projeto principal” seca, ou mesmo para dar uma espairecida (acredite pintar um army todo em uma só cor pode ser BEEM cansativo).

Já há algum tempo recebi a miniatura de um grande amigo que queria ter uma peça pintada por mim. A miniatura em questão era um Inquisitor Lord convertido à partir do Torquemada para o army de Daemonhunters do Ultramarcos.

A mini já tinha vindo pras minhas mãos, voltado sem pintura pro Marcos e no ano passado, por ocasião da visita do cara retornou pra minha “to do list”.

Às vésperas do FORK OF MORK, como o Marcos me disse que iria usar a miniatura no army dele, resolvi terminar de uma vez a pintura da mini.

Fiquei muito feliz com algumas coisas, decepcionado com outras e satisfeito com o resultado geral. As fotos mostram como a mini foi entregue ao marcos que deve adicionar alguns toques finais à base para que a miniatura se adeque melhor ao army Daemonhunter dele.

Deixo as fotos falarem por mim:

Até a próxima.

Hello there.

This is a quick update to showcase a “side project” I worked on while finishing up the Ultramarine army for the FORK OF MORK tournament. I like having these secondary models to work on while working on a main project, if for no other reason, for the sake of varying what I’m working on, as painting an army can be quite tiring sometimes.

Anyway this Daemonhunter was converted by my good friend Marcos, from the “Chumbo; Plástico; Tinta & Pincel” blog, who in turn gave it to me so I could paint it up for him. I them created a custom base, trying to evocate something “chaosy” (the tendrils coming out of the ground). The pictures show the final models as it was given to Marcos who shall add some finishing touches to the base so it can better blend with the ones in his army (don’t forget to check his blog for pictures of his nicely painted armies).