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Hello folks!


This month I decided to adhere to one of the new additions to the 6th edition of WH 40k, a flying vehicle. As I said on the previous article I love tanks, so nothing more adequate as my first choice of a flyer, a vehicle that is at the same time a ship and also a tank: Forge World’s Caestus Assault Ram.


Images help, but don’t show completely how cool this ship is! Even with a relatively simple design, it is imposing and elegant. After removing the resin reservoir blocks from the cast, cleaning mold lines, a few test fits quickly showed the steps I should follow to assemble and paint it.


Of course, besides being such a magnificent model, choosing it was also due to its use in games. A flying tank that can transport up to 10 Terminators, or serve as beacon for teleporting them; and also even if it is a flyer, it can still make ram moves (move 18” and ram, yes!) and you still get the Magna Melta, a 5”blast melta weapon. I can barely wait to see it in action!





Hello everybody!


One more month, one more unit added to my army. My first units were all some kind of infantry, so this time I went for a vehicle. I know that in the 6th edition of WH40K the troops are highly valuable to the game, but I just love tanks. There’s nothing like a behemoth running over your enemies. Based on that, I chose the Vindicator, because it’s a tank and also highly effective against infantry and vehicles (S10, AP1, ordnance, 5”blast).


This month’s cost was R$135,00 (one hundred and thirty  five reais, which is around sixty five American dollars) considering tax and shipping (it was bought with other stuff, like I said in another article of this series, lowering shipping costs).




Hello there.


Vitor from the “Vamos Ver no Pano Verde” blog here once again.


This month I was able to paint the Tyranid Warriors. Below is a step-by-step guide of how I did them.




Hello! Vitor here from the “Vamos Ver no Pano Verde” blog reporting on my progress for the Project this month.

Or, what I was able to do.


Yes, I wasn’t able to paint my unit this month and the excuses are always the same. Real life issues demanding more attention than normal, some task which needed to get done over the weekend or, simply put, being lazy.





What’s up folks?


This month I planned to build more than one unit, but a regrettable fact in my life put me down so that I had to prioritize other things. My apartment was robbed on November 14th, and in addition to the shock, I had a colossal financial loss. This project will not be interrupted only because I already possess the models I will use along it.


Back on topic, this month I built my HQ, a Captain in Terminator Armor, with Combi-Plasma and a Chainfist. As it is also an expansion to my current Marines army, this will be the captain of the 1st company. The individual cost of this model was quite low, considering it is 1/5 from the terminators box, it was below R$30,00, which is great for the army’s budget.


You will notice that I made some conversions in this model. I used the Combi-Plasma from the finecast model of the Librarian in Terminator Armour, cut off the Stormbolter that usually comes in the terminators’ arm and glued the Combi-Plasma in its place. Inspired by a post in “What’s New Today” blog from GW, the breastplate is a bit from the Venerable Dreadnought kit, cut to fit. The rest are just add-ons that usually come in the Space Marine kits, such as purity seals and the laurel glued on the Chainfist.