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Hello there Reader.


This is a quick post Just to let my readers know we have published a new episode of the “Papo de Mesa Podcast”, the Brazilian podcast about wargames, board games miniature painting and collecting and other “nerdy” topics.


This week’s episode is about the 1st PAPOCON, the first event/encounter promoted by the “Papo de Mesa Podcast” in order to meet and game with friends and listeners of the show (we did write about it here on the blog the other day).




Hello there Reader.


Today’s post is the Portuguese  version of the article I published here yesterday about the 1st PAPOCON. If you missed it by any chance please check it out.


More to come soon.


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Salve Leitor.


Uma das coisas legais que fiz relacionadas ao hobby no ano que passou foi ter ido visitar o Clube Paulista de Wargames por ocasião da 1ª Papo de Mesa CON (ou PAPOCON como eu gosto de chamar o encontro).


“Como assim? Que diabos foi essa PAPOCON e porque eu não fiquei sabendo dela?” Consigo ouvir alguns de vocês perguntando, sem entender que conversa é essa de PAPOCON e tentando lembrar se você ouviu falar desse evento ou não. Deixa eu contar essa história do começo.



Hello there Reader.


One of the great hobby related things I did last year was attending the first “Papo de Mesa CON” (or simply PAPOCON as I like to call it) in Sao Paulo/Brazil.


You may be wondering now what am I talking about as I had never mentioned it here and I do tend to give my readers fair notice about any events I’ll attend in case any of you guys want to join in the fun. If you read this blog regularly you know by now that I’ve started hosting and producing a podcast show with my good friend “Ultra”Marcos (from the “Chumbo, Plastico, Tinta & Pincel” blog) called “Papo de Mesa Podcast” (which would roughly translate as “Tabletop Talk” in the English language), a show produced in Portuguese language (so it might not be of interest to some of my English readers) thus aimed at the gaming communities in Brazil and other Portuguese speaking countries given that very little hobby content is available in our native language.


Hello Reader.

If you live abroad you probably know a couple of clubs devoted to gaming right? From what I understand in some foreign countries the associative spirit is encouraged from an early age, starting in schools which promote many “interest clubs” ranging from book clubs, debate clubs and math teams to varied hobby clubs and gaming clubs.

It’s no secret that clubs have a great social aspect not only promoting the interaction between members, and the opportunity to exercise their common interest, but also being a reassuring factor to members showing that no matter how “weird” your hobby/personal interest may be, there’s others out there who share your passion, even if it’s sock sniffing (ok, there might not be clubs around for THAT!).

Well, for some reason I can’t fathom clubs are not that common in Brazil. We do have tennis clubs pretty much everywhere (go figure right? Every small town I’ve lived in for the last 8 years had one) with their inevitable tennis courts and swimming pools, and we do have some schools which encourage its students to form student councils but the hobby clubs are almost non-existent in schools.

So it should come as no surprise to you that gaming clubs are a recent innovation in the hobby scenario in Brazil but fortunately more and more wargamers around the country are feeling the need to associate and clubs are appearing all over the country. We went from a single club scenario, the now extinct “Martelo de Guerra” (“Warhammer” in English) in Rio de Janeiro, to a multi-club one in the space of a few years.