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Hello Reader.


And it’s time for another battle report here on the blog. We’ve recently published our first battle report in video here on the blog, but this time I’m getting back to the narrative style of reporting on games I normally use here, however, if you haven’t checked our video, please do check it our today and let me know which kind you prefer.


Today’s battle is another sequel to the battles I’ve been playing with my friends and trying to sew into a larger narrative campaign soon. It all began with the Black Templars Vs Blood Angels conflict that saw the Blood Angels stealing some sort of relic from the grasp of the Templars, and followed by the battle featuring the Black Templars Vs Imperial Guard , now known as the “Massacre of Thraxx where the Templars started their mad crusade to expunge their failure in securing the relic. There was a 3rd conflict featuring the Black Templars Vs The Legion of the Damned where the Black Templars continued their mad attempt to silence an entire planet, but word of their doing got out with the surviving Salamanders that escaped their wrath.




Hello there Reader.

Another year has gone by and, at least to me it seemed like 2012 was taking its time! Alas it’s now gone… farewell 2012, you won’t be missed here!


I’d like to begin this by wishing you guys a happy New Year. Believe me when I say this is sincere and from the bottom of my heart. I know there are probably troubled waters ahead for all of us but I TRULY wish you all a VERY HAPPY new year with good health and in which you can find the will to pursue your hopes and dreams, be they real life or hobby related ones.


I’ll try my best at that and that’s a New Year resolution I guess.