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Hello folks!


Finally, we get to the last article in this series! I admit I am a little late, but that’s not without reason. My studies, mostly, demanded a great share of my time and I couldn’t leave this aside. When the texts and seminars were done, I could get back to the hobby.


The last unit added to the army is another Tactical Squad, with a lascannon and a graviton gun as special weapons, and with a plasma pistol for the sergeant. The unit was build around the marines from the Assault on Black Reach boxed set, with the lascannon being a leftover from the Devastators box and the graviton gun a bit purchased in separate, as were the parts I needed for the rest of the unit, such as the legs.



Hey folks!


The end of the “A Tale of X Gamers” project is approaching, at least for me! This month, my chosen unit was one of Terminators. I chose an assault configuration for two reasons, first because I didn’t have a unit like this yet, and also because some old fashioned hard hitting can be fun. I imagine a futuristic scene full of technology and firearms, and suddenly a highly protected enemy armour is opened by brutal hammer blows.


I also chose the Terminators because of their ability to enter the game by teleporting in, being deployed behind enemy lines and causing a lot of destruction. And in games where Deep Strike is forbidden, they count with enough protection to withstand the most part of enemy fire unharmed until they get where they’re needed. I used the thunderhammer and stormshield option because I intend to use them to bring down both characters and vehicles.