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Hello there Reader.


We have recently published an article here on the blog about a friend’s scratch built Titan for the Warhammer 40K game, more specifically for Apocalypse games in which it will be used as a Reaver Titan.


Redenctus in all his painted glory.


I can’t say I was surprised at how well received that article was, given that I found his work nothing short of amazing, and we did get a few questions about the building process behind it as people wanted to know what parts were used and so forth.


I think nothing would be fairer than letting the creator of “Redenctus”, my friend Ton Furegatto, explain a little bit about the creative process behind it in a quick interview. So let’s get to it.



Hello there Reader.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while now you probably know I’m a fan of thematic armies and scratch build models. The reason couldn’t be simpler as I’m a firm believer these bring variety and flavor to Warhammer 40.000 games.

Luckily there’s no shortage of good scratch builders down here in Brazil. Quite on the contrary, the adverse conditions we face in order to enjoy the wargamming hobby (like the infamous GW Embargo) propels a lot of us to try our hand at scratch building our scenery and models.

I often mention Antonio “AJ” Jorge as one of the masters of scratch building in Brazil, not only because his scratch vehicles are one of the reasons I started trying to collect an Ork army, but also because I’ve had the privilege of painting a few of his pieces (which were posted on the blog a while ago here and here). We certainly have other masters like Socrates “Ken” Kentaro,  Geraldo “ the Orc Grandpa”, and Arthur “Arhurt” Bobany but now I have to add a new name to my list.


Salve Leitor.


As coisas andam corridas daí a escassez de atualizações por aqui. Em breve diversas novidades por aqui.


O motivo da rápida atualização hoje é mais uma fantástica miniatura “By Forgeworld”: Um novo Dreadnought da Deathguard.


Não leitor, não se trata do antigo Dreadnought da Deathguard da Forgeworld mas sim de um modelo completamente novo.


Aqui o antigo Dreadnought da Deathguard:


E o novo Dreadnought da Deathguard:


Até a próxima.