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Papo de Mesa Podcast – RPG – A Aventura Continua (Ep. 10, Parte II).

Posted: 30/04/2014 in Comunidade, Papo de Mesa, Podcast
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Hello there Reader.


We have quick post today letting my readers know we have published a new episode of the “Papo de Mesa Podcast”, the Brazilian podcast about wargames, board games miniature painting and collecting and other “nerdy” topics.


This is the second part of our episode about Role Playing Games (RPGs) and we continue talking about this favorite hobby of ours.



Hello there!

One thing I consider of utmost importance to the hobby is writing Battle Reports as follow ups to the games I play. I give them such importance because I believe they’re a great way of showcasing the wargames we play to potential new players who are interested in the games but haven’t delved into them yet. Not only that but writing Battle Reports is also a great way to share tactics and approaches to the game with other like minded people who can not only lear from you accomplishments but also offer insights into improving the way you play or field your armies.

Even though I give such importance to them, battle reporting is one of those things I hadn’t done much in this blog. It’s not that I don’t game that often (I get to play games around once a month when I’m back at my hometown), but my reports end up, more often than not, on the Brazilian gaming forum of which I’m a member: Warhammer Brasil (yep, Brazil is spelled with an “s” in Portuguese).

Well I’ll remedy that today and promise a lot more yet to come.

The battle I’ll be reporting on today was a Warhammer 40.000 one in which I played my Eldar against a friend’s Blood Angels. There’s a bit of fluff involved as we’re both enrolled on the national campaign being run in the aforementioned forum.  The game wasn’t worth any campaign points as we’re both enrolled on the “ORDER” side but it was such a nice game, with such a nice background to it, that I decided to include it as fluff on the campaign.

So there we go:

Planet Mirella – Tamit II.

Abandoned settlement to the south of the “Las Estrelas” spaceport.

Standing amidst the destroyed building and the Tyranid digesting pods which dotted the landscape the Eldar Farseers awaited the arrival of the Mon-Keigh leader. From where they stood they could see the devastation from the combat between the Mon-Keigh and the emissaries of the TAU empire.

The seers stood a good ways apart from their scorting soldiers. Their intent was to present no threat to the Mon-Keigh. They had come in peace and it was imperative that was unmistakable from the start.

“They’re coming” said the oldest of the pair. Mon-Keigh were quite obvious creatures, their transports resounding loudly even in the distance. Even after a thousand, thousand years they still lacked… finesse. Perhaps in a few millennia of evolution that despicable trait would be erased from their race.  Perhaps not.

The column of vehicles stopped as soon as the Farseers came into view. The enormous Land Raider and accompanying assortment of Rhinos and Predators were certainly evaluating their offensive potential. So predictable thought Ma’a-Lik.

“Permission to engage Farseer?” sounded Ma’a-Lik’s auricular communicator.

“Permission denied” answered the Farseer “We came to parley with the Mon-Keigh”.

El”Drak Ulthrum’s visions had been very clear. In order to stand a chance against the coming onslaught, saving the entire system, and foiling the plans of the great enemy it was imperative that they cooperated. Not only Eldar and Mon-Keigh, but all forces involved in the defense of the so called Tamit System had to work in unison. That was why they had come. The Mon-Keigh had to understand, had to overcome their own failings, their bellicose nature, and work with the sons of Eldanesh.

“They wil understand” uttered Ma’a-Lik, unconsciously voicing his thoughts.

A few more minutes went by before the Land Raider started moving again. The vehicle left the company of its escort and advanced towards the Farseers stopping it’s course a few meters away from the Eldar.

The vehicle’s front doors opened with the characteristic hiss of a pressurized environment. In a split second fouf Mon-Keigh, Space Marines, disembarked their weapons aimed at the pair of Farseers.

For the Eldar Mon-Keigh were all the same, an inferior breed of ignorant primates. The Space Marines, however, earned themselves some degree of respect as they were somewhat different. Even though they shared the same genetic code with the lesser specimens of their race, Space Marines had been engineered to be mentally and physically superior in all aspects, but no less stupid or violence bound. They were perfect war machines, but no more than that.

It was with these breed of Mon-Keigh that they had come to establish a truce.

The Mon-Keigh commander was the last to leave his vehicle. He exuded arrogance with his every step and made clear with his body language the profound loathing to be in the presence of what he deemed his inferiors. “Filthy Xenos” as their breed referred to the Eldar. His golden armour was opulently ornamented as were the weapons he ostensively displayed, two massive combat gauntlets, as it was commonplace amongst Mon-Keigh leaders, specially the group to which this one belonged: The Blood Angels.

++State you purpose filthy psykers++ Sounded the rasp, metallic voice of the Mon-Keigh leader through the Vox magnifiers in his helmet ++this truce ends as soon as I convey your message to Lord Dante++

“We came to deliver no messages Mon-Keigh” answered Ma’a-Lik in the poor, inelegant, language of the so called Imperium “Our purpose is to warn you about the impending doom of this system and of the terrible consequences of not facing the true enemy which even now acts to destroy this entire system”.

++Madness! Do you truly expect the Imperium and its most faithfull servants to bow to witchcraft and psyker tricks of one of our most devious enemies? I waste valuable time here, time best spent hunting down the TAU or even Eldar sorcerers like the lot of you++ barked the Space Marine ++ I am Brother Captain Manus of the Blood Angels and I take it as a personal stain to my honour subjecting myself to your presence, it disgusts me to hear the Imperial language being desecrated by your filthy xeno lips++

“Listen to my words you damned Mon-Keigh and let your betters judge how to act upon them as it is clear now your restricted intellect prevents you from undertanding what’s at stake here” retorted an angry Ma’a-Lik “An ancient power acts in this system, forces loyal to those you call chaos gods strive to sacrifice all life in this system for the glory of their masters and it is only united behind a common purpose that we stand a chance of hampering their plans and…”.

++I’ve heard enough++ barged in the Space Marine as he turned his back to the Farseers while touching his helmet with his right hand ++Broadcast to Lord Dante a vox register of our encounter with the xeno++ While he boarded the Land Raider the Space Marine turned towards the elder one more time pointing at them with his right index finger ++You have a minute to leave this place unscathed++

“NO…” was Ma’a-Liks furious response as He advanced towards the Space Marine Captain reaching out for him with a stretched hand. He was held back by the firm hands of El’Drak Ulthrum on his shoulder, seconds before the four Space Marines which accompanied the Mon-Keigh leader opened fire.

++Mount up++ sounded the captains voice through the vehicles vox casters. His orders were promptly followed by the four Space Marines.

“We must go” Said El’Drak not hiding the sorrow in his voice as the Land Raid pulled back in reverse gear, weapons still aimed at the pair of them “The Mon-Keigh will attack soon… we have little time” sentenced the ancient seer.

Knowing the Blood Angels would attack soon El’Drak Ulthrum summoned images of their accompanying Eldar Guardians and Rangers which had remained hidden thus far. He also projected an image of Ma’a-Lik on a nearby building. It was a simple trick, designed to work on inferior minds, but it would allow the Farseers to reach safety and the remaining Eldar units to position themselves before battle was joined.

The Blood Angels were surprised by the sudden appearance of so many enemy soldiers so close to their lines and thus opted to enter the battlefield in a more defensive position taking cover behind a ruined Imperial temple at the northeast corner of the battlefield.

As soon as his illusions had fulfilled their purpose El’Drak Ulthrum dispelled them revealing the real positioning of the Eldar units on the battlefield.

As soon as they noticed the Eldar trick the Blood Angels wasted no time and advanced towards the enemy. The Land Raider advanced towards the closest objective while the Assault Squad advanced at the eastern border of the battlefield trying to hide behind the huge Tyranid organisms which occupied a huge portion of the eastern flank.

As no targets had presented themselves yet the unit of Eldar Guardians deployed in the Center consolidated its position in an attempt to dominate the central objective which lay near the wreckage of a civilian Mon-Keigh vehicle.

The Blood Angels kept advancing and so did the reinforcements which had just arrived on the battlefield. A newly arrived Tactical Squad advanced behind the protection of the Land Raider while a unit of Devastators entered the battlefield taking shelter behind the Imperial temple ruins. A Land Speeder advanced moving flat out on the eastern flank leaving the Assault Squad behind but also hiding behind the Tyranid organism.

The first Eldar reinforcements arrived in the form of a Falcon transporting a unit of Fire Dragons and two Wraithlords. The Falcon advanced towards the centre of the battlefield while the Wraithlords advanced flanking the building occupied by the Pathfinders and Ma’a-Lik striving to protect the Eldar lines of the thread posed by the Assault Squad and the Land Speeder. Some shots were fired in the direction of the enemy and the first casualties came from the Blood Angels Assault Squad.

Once more reinforcements joined the battle on the Blood Angel side. This time a pair of Chaplains and a Predator tank adavanced towards the Eldar lines. The Assault Squad, intimidated by the enemy fire backed away from the Eldar looking for shelter behind the Tyranid organism. The Predator and the Land Raider opened fire on the Falcon but failed to cause any serious damage. The Blood Angel fusillade would prevent the Falcon from firing on the next turn.

In the centre of the battlefield the first unit of Eldar Guardians still occupied the wreckage of the civilian vehicle.

Soon more Eldar reinforcements joined the fray. In the eastern flank El’Drak and his retinue of Dire Avengers advanced and disembarked from their Wave Serpent transport while a second unit of Eldar Guardians advanced in support of them. Taking the offensive the Falcon advanced towards the enemy Land Raider disembarking the unit of Fire Dragons transported within.

Without wasting any time the Eldar lines opened fire against the enemy. In the eastern flank the Dire Avengers, guided by El’Drak, poured fire into the Assault Squad wiping the entire unit and removing the threat they posed, while the Fire Dragons removed the ancient Land Raider from existence leaving in its place a fuming crater filled with molten slag and occupied by the survivors of the Death Company. The Pathfinders didn’t waste the chance and fire against the exposed Death Company iling them all. The Guardians in the centre of the battlefield opened fire against the Predator tank immobilizing it with an unerring shot of their brightlance

A new Land Speeder, this time crewed by Death Company Marines advanced to support its twin on the eastern flank. The immobilized Predator opened fire against the Falcon which hovered in front of it destroying one of its weapons. The Space Marines were furious by the destruction of the Land Raider a revered chapter relic, and so opened fire against the Fire Dragons killing all but the brave Exarch who refused to flee from the enemy fusillade.

The Eldar, sensing the Blood Angel’s cowering moved in in an attempt to bring down as many enemies ass possible. The Falcon relocated in order to flee from the Predator’s line of sight positioning itself so that it could fire on the more vulnerable armour on the Predator’s side.

The Fire Dragon’s Exarch, last survivor of his unit, realized He had na unique opportunity. The enemy leader which thus far had advanced on foot behind the protection of the enormous bulk of the Land Raider was left exposed in the open by the sudden destruction of the vehicle. Without a second thought the Exarch advanced toward the enemy which greatly outnumbered him trying to close the distance between him and his prey potting the enemy commander in range of his lethal weapon.

The Wraithlords advanced to give support to the Eldar daring attack. One moved towards the centre while the second moved in direction of the eastern flank where it would take down the first Land Speeder.

Left alone the Death Company Land Speeder would soon be targeted by the combined firepower of the Wave Serpent and the Dire Avengers. The Avengers would bring the second Speeder down in a hail of shuriken fire.

At the combat’s most dramatic moment the Fire Dragon Exarch took aim at the enemy commander…

… taking him down with an unerring shot from his firepike. Neither his armour, force field, nor his super-human physique was enough to save the Space Marine Captain. In the end all that was left of him was a smoking pool of melted ceramite.

Demoralized by the loss of their general all that was left to the grieving Blood Angels was to avenge his death, unmercifully bringing down his assassin with a storm of bolter fire, under the view of the advancing Wraithlord which was too far away to save the brave Exarch.

With their spirit undone, and despite having survived the engagement nearly unscathed, the Blood Angels withdrew from the battlefield they had won from the TAU with great effort  a couple days ago leaving for the Eldar the spoils of war.

Sitting on the stairs of the very building he had occupied since the beginning of the battle Ma’a-Lik observed the withdrawal of the Blood Angels. The Eldar had won. But at which price?


Salve Leitor.

Uma coisa que fiz poucas vezes aqui no blog foi postar “Battle Reports”, em bom português “Relatórios de Batalha” ilustrando minhas partidas.

“Battle Reports “são a meu ver importantíssimos para os jogos de estratégia (Wargames), não só para apresentá-los para possíveis novos jogadores, e também mostrar as miniaturas do jogo, mas também para que outros jogadores possam aprender com suas experiências e, ou, sugerir novas táticas e estratégias para melhorar seu exército.

Você pode se perguntar então o porquê de eu não postá-los por aqui costumeiramente dada essa importância que atribuo à eles certo? Bom o motivo pelo qual eu não o fazia, até agora, era por que acabo postando a maioria dos meus “Battle Reports” no fórum da comunidade brasileira de adeptos desses jogos: O Warhammer Brasil.

É justamente o caso do “Battle Report” apresentado hoje na língua inglesa. Eu o empreguei como background narrativo na campanha nacional que estamos desenvolvendo no fórum mencionado. Assim, se você se interessou em lê-lo em português, não deixe de conferir o seguinte link.

Muito em breve trarei novos “Battle Reports” por aqui.

Até a próxima.