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Olá Leitor.


Este artigo é a versão em Inglês do “battle report” publicado aqui. Se você ainda não conferiu o artigo em Português clique no link e depois comente dizendo o que achou.






Hello Reader.


It’s been a while since I’ve last published a battle report here, so I decided to take pictures on a recent game against my mate Babu in order to write about it here.




Hello Reader.


This article is the Portuguese version of the battle report published here. Please do check the link!


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Salve Leitor.


Já tinha um tempo que não publicava um battle report por aqui, daí aproveitei para registrar um jogo recente contra o Babu para fazer um relato no blog.


O Babu é um amigo aqui de Cuiabá que mostrou interesse nos wargames e que estou tentando fisgar para o Warhammer 40.000, assim na sequência do Rumble 2, convidei ele para uma partida onde apresentaria a ele os conceitos fundamentais do jogo e ainda testaria uma lista Eldar contra os Imperial Knights. Cheguei a pensar em deixar o Babu comandar os Eldar, mas como a quantidade de coisas a lembrar com eles seria muito maior achei que seria mais interessante para ele comandar os Knights.



Olá Leitor.


Este artigo é a versão em inglês do nosso relato sobre o 2º Rumble in the Jungle. Você pode conferir a versão em português clicando aqui.




Hello Reader.


The Rumble in the Jungle event was born from an idea that always seemed rather far fetched to me: organizing a wargaming tournament where I lived.


Today, after the most recent edition of the “Rumble in the Jungle” the idea might not sound so out of place, but back then when it first occured to me it was difficult to believe that anyone would come to Cuiabá (the capital city  of the State of Mato Grosso, pretty far from the main city centers in Brazil) to play a wargaming event, especially twice. I couldn’t be happier to be proved wrong






Hello Reader.


This  is the Portuguese version of our article about the latest “Rumble in the Jungle” gaming event in Brazil. You can check the English version here.




Olá Leitor.


Toda essa história do Rumble in the Jungle começa com uma idéia que sempre me pareceu maluca: “Um dia vou organizar um torneio lá em casa!”.


Hoje, depois da mais recente e bem sucedida edição do evento essa idéia pode nem parecer tão doida assim, mas, lá atrás quando ela me ocorreu pela primeira vez era uma coisa meio difícil acreditar que alguém se interessaria em vir jogar um torneio de wargame em Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, ainda mais duas vezes. Ainda bem que eu estava errado!


Olá Leitor!

Você pode conferir a versão em português deste artigo clicando aqui.


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Hello Reader.


Preparations for the second Rumble in the Jungle event “Rumble in the Jungle II – The Mission” are well underway as me and my friends in the “Clube Cuiabano de Wargames and Boardgames” (CCWB – our local war gaming and board gaming club) continue to work on the new projects we’ll feature this year to welcome the participants for another weekend of gaming and fun.


As the event’s date draws ever nearer (it will happen in the 23rd and 24th of July 2016 in the city of Cuiaba in Brazil) it’s inevitable to look back and remember how enjoyable and rewarding it was to host the event and gather friend around the cherished hobbies of war gaming and board gaming.




Hello Reader.


You can check the English version of this article clicking the link here.


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Salve Leitor!


Os preparativos para o “Rumble in the Jungle II – A Missão” continuam a todo vapor. Tanto eu, quanto os amigos do Clube Cuiabano de Wargames e Boardgames (o CCWB) estamos envolvidos em vários projetos para receber os participantes para mais um final de semana de jogatina e diversão.


Às vésperas do novo evento (que acontece nos dias 23 e 24 de julho em Cuiabá/MT) é inevitável olhar para trás e relembrar do 1º Rumble in the Jungle e o quão prazeroso e recompensador foi reunir diversos amigos em torno do hobby dos wargames e boardgames.


Hello there.

We’ve just received a bit of reassuring news from another store which, like Maelstrom, highly regards its customers wherever they might be.

We’ve contacted Wayland Games earlier in the week in order to check whether or not there was any substance to the rumour circulating that GW would indeed forbid indie stores based in the UK from selling to customers in the southern hemisphere who prefer to buy directly from said stores in order to purchase models at just prices.

Here’s the answer we received:



The European Union lays down strict laws regarding the restriction of trade by a particular sector of the market and Games Workshop as a UK company is obviously bound by those laws. If such a policy were to exist it would be in breach of that so we can quite categorically state that this is not the case.


With this in mind, we can assure you, your fellow countrymen and indeed everyone within the Southern Hemisphere which we have been proud to serve over the years that we will unquestionably continue to do so with great prices and better service.


If however you could provide a source of these rumours, be it a discussion forum or somewhere else publically accessible we’d be glad to make a similar statement publically if we feel it is necessary.


Keep on Wargaming


Wayland Games.

This information was followed by public posts made by Rich, from Wayland Games, on Dakka Dakka and Warseer which I replicate here for the sake of simplicity:

Just to clarify, we have not been informed of any changes. When we have them on Monday we will analyse them and if there are any significant changes will ensure that we communicate that 14 days is insufficient notice of major changes to established trading terms, which is an area of contract and not competition law we have advice on. And if any of the changes are we feel unreasonable will pass that feedback to GW. At the moment my guys have been asked not to take part in speculation and wait until we cascade to them after the weekend. One additional point I will make publicly is despite ourselves and Maelstrom working incredibly hard in selling GW products globally and having them not once offering any praise to us. Nor visiting us except to “police” their terms. We would be disturbed to discover if this was an action targeted at UK internet stores.

I only see one inconsistency between what Rich says and what has been said by Rob, from Maelstrom Games before. Rich says he still hasn’t been informed of any changes whereas Rob has mentioned already knowing what the new terms and conditions regarding trade accounts are but he has been asked to hold onto that information until Monday when it’ll all be disclosed by Games –Workshop.

In the end Wayland’s comments on the subject don’t do much to quell the community’s fears, given that he only says that such policy would be in breach of law and reaffirms his commitment to his costumers but it surely feels nice to know there’s people in the trenches with us gamers and who are willing to fight for us and our consumer rights.

I’d like to add that in spite of everything which has been said on the subject thus far I , for one, feel reassured by Rich’s words and renewed vows of commitment to his customers around the world and to the quality of the services Wayland Games provides. As someone said on one of the forums where the issue is being discussed, let’s wait ‘till Monday before we bring our pitchforks out.


Over and out.


Salve pessoal.

Acabo de receber novas noticias sobre o rumor levantado de que a Games-Workshop proibiria lojas independentes baseadas no Reino Unido de vender para clientes no Brasil e outros países do hemisfério Sul.

Assim que recebemos a noticia sobre o rumor entramos em contato com diversas lojas independentes para tentar compreender o que acontecia.

A primeira resposta que recebemos partiu de um funcionário da Maelstrom Games que dizia “… Tivemos algumas noticias sobre esse assunto. Faremos um post sobre isso quando tivermos conversado com a GW e soubermos o que podemos e não podemos fazer”.


Essa noticia inicial foi seguida por um post do proprietário da Maelstrom, Rob, no fórum Warseer onde o assunto da proibição era discutido. No tópico ele respondeu:



Achei melhor dizer alguma coisa aqui antes que sejamos mal-entendidos ou mal-representados. Eu não estou confirmando neste tópico que isso (a proibição) vai acontecer. Eu quero me assegurar que isso não aconteça.


(A empresa) Games Workshop me passou seus novos termos e condições concernentes aos revendedores na quarta-feira, mas, foi-me solicitado não revelar o que me foi passado até segunda-feira, dia 16 de maio, que é quando eles irão revelar Ester termos para o público em geral. Somente nesse momento nós iremos informar todos nossos clientes o que vai acontecer.





Maelstrom Games Ltd.

Para muitos essa foi a confirmação que bastava já que, implicitamente, o proprietário da Maelstrom games aponta que haverão mudanças na forma como eles trabalham e atendem seus clientes.

Hoje recebemos nova informação sobre o assunto que, embora conflitante com o pouco que sabemos até agora, pode apaziguar um pouco os ânimos. Uma das lojas contatadas no começo da semana, Wayland Games, nos enviou sua posição formal sobre o assunto, já replicada acima no texto em inglês e que traduzo livremente aqui:



A União Européia aplica leis rigorosas no que diz respeito à restrição de comércio por um setor particular do mercado e a Games Workshop, como uma empresa britânica deve, obviamente, seguir tais leis. Se tal política realmente existisse ela iria de encontro à norma legal de forma que podemos afirmar categoricamente não ser esse o caso.


Com isso em mente nós garantimos à você, aos seus conterrâneos e a todos no hemisfério sul, a quem nos orgulhamos de servir ao longo dos anos, de que iremos, inquestionavelmente, continuar a fazê-lo com excelentes preços e serviços ainda melhores.


Se no entando você pudesse nos fornecer a fonte desses rumores, seja ele uma discussão em um fórum ou outro local publicamente acessível ficaríamos felizes de fornecer uma resposta publica semelhante a esta, se acharmos necessário.


Continue jogando.


Wayland Games.

Essa resposta foi seguida de um comunicado público postado pelo proprietário da empresa nos fóruns Warseer e Dakka Dakka, também já replicado acima e uma vez mais traduzido livremente aqui:

Apenas para clarificar nós não fomos informados de mudança alguma. Quando as tivermos em mãos na segunda-feira iremos analisá-las e, se houverem mudanças significativas, nos asseguraremos em comunicar que 14 dias não constituem tempo suficiente para notificar grandes mudanças aos termos de comércio estabelecidos, que é uma área contratual e não lei de comércio conforme fomos informados. E se entendermos que quaisquer das mudanças implementadas não são razoáveis iremos relatar isso à GW. No momento meus funcionários foram instruídos a não participar da especulação e esperar até que os informemos sobre a situação após o fim de semana. Um ponto adicional que gostaria de mencionar publicamente é que, apesar de nós (Wayland Games) e Maelstrom trabalharmos incrivelmente duro para vender produtos GW globalmente eles nunca nos ofereceram qualquer elogio ou nos visitaram exceto para policiar seus termos. Nós ficaríamos estarrecidos em descobrir que esta foi uma ação almejando as lojas da internet no Reino Unido.

Embora as mensagens de Rich nos mostrem que tal proibição por parte da Games-Workshop se daria ao revés da lei e não seria vista com bons olhos por ele, elas pouco fazem no sentido de desacreditar o rumor.

Se algo nos serve de consolo é o fato de que é bom saber que a Wayland Games, não só encampa os interesses dos jogadores e está disposta a enfrentar a GW em defesa destes mas também renova seus votos de continuar servindo bem à comunidade localizada no hemisfério sul.

Abraço e até a próxima.


Hello there.

 Another year has come and gone and by this time the role playing game community down here in Brazil should be all hyped up about the 17th  EIRPG (International Role Playing Game Encounter).

 You might remember if you’ve been an usual reader that we reported here last year about Games-Workshop making its debut in Brazil on the 16th EIRPG (if not check it out here) so there was a lot of expectation in the wargaming community whether or not we’d have another tournament in the EIRPG this year.

 The news that there would be no EIRPG came as a bomb amongst role players and wargamers alike as after 16 editions the company which organized the encounter, Devir, pressed by a multitude of reasons announced they wouldn’t be promoting the event this year.

 A while ago rumors started circulating about an alternative encounter, the RPGCON, being organized by a group of role players which didn’t want the traditional encounter to go by unnoticed this year, and again the local wargaming community started wondering if our favourite miniature games would be present there as well.

 We just got news that Games-Workshop will be once more present at a national event, this time through a new sales representative known as “Tru Sales” and with the support of Hobby Depot, which will host a sales stand and also a gaming stand.

 This time tough there will be no tournament and the gaming area will be home to gaming demonstrations and informal games between players. That choice is certainly understandable as the focus will be on showcasing the games to a new audience and doesn’t go against GW’s declared policy for our country (which we reported on last year as well).

 The big news is that this year we’ll also get to have a look at Warmachine and Hordes, produced by Privateer Press, which will also be showcased at the event.

 So if you feel like checking it out the RPGCON will be held at São Paulo/SP in Brazil on the 4th and 5th of July. For more detailed information like pricing and how to get there please check the event’s website  or drop us a line. We’ll do our best to assist you in getting there.

 See you soon.



Salve Leitor.

Como anunciamos na época a Games-Workshop fez sua estréia em terras tupiniquins no 16º EIRPG (se você não conferium confira aqui a resenha daquele evento) e o sucesso do stand montado pela representante nacional da empresa, Hobby Depot, parecia garantir a presença dos jogos de miniatura da GW no evento desse ano.

 Não preciso dizer o quão desanimadora foi a noticia de que o 17º EIRPG não aconteceria em 2009. Vários foram os fatores que levaram a DEVIR, principal realizadora do evento, a cancelar o já tradicional encontro deixando desolados não só o seu tradicional público de jogadores de RPG como também os wargamers nacionais que aguardavam o repeteco do encontro do ano passado.

 Eis que surgiram noticias de um “encontro alternativo”, o RPGCON, realizado por um grupo de obstinados role players que não quiseram ver a tradicional data de encontro passar em branco e com essa noticia a expectativa se veríamos ou não um torneio

 Tivemos hoje a confirmação de que a RPGCON contará sim com a presença da Games-Workshop, desta feita representada pela “Tru Sales” com o apoio da Hobby Depot, em dois stands, um dedicado às vendas e outro com área para demonstrações dos jogos de estratégia da companhia e amistosos bem como workshops de pintura.

 Segundo o release oficial das atividades para o evento teremos desta feita tão somente jogos de demonstração e amistosos (ou “desafios” como mencionado no release) ao invés de um “torneio oficial” promovido pela GW. Privilegiar-se-iam assim os potenciais novos jogadores e a demonstração dos jogos da companhia para um público potencial o que é compreensível do ponto de vista comercial bem como coaduna com a política da empresa para o nosso mercado, delineada pelo representante GW no 16º EIRPG e que já havíamos apontado em nossa resenha anterior, no sentido de dedicar, ao menos por ora, maior atenção à captação de novos jogadores ao invés de atentar ao mercado já estabelecido. Fica a esperança de vermos um dia por aqui um grande evento nos moldes daqueles organizados pela Games-Workshop nos EUA e Europa.

 Como forma de incentivar a participação da comunidade nos jogos amistosos realizados stand de jogos e pintura a “Tru Sales” oferecerá vales compra no montante de R$ 15,00 (quinze reais) para cada dia do evento (assim, se você comparecer nos dois dias vai fatrar 30 berimbaus para comprar ainda mais miniaturas) válidos para compras no stand do RPGCON assim como um desconto de 10% (dez por cento) em compras subseqüentes (3 compras).

 A grande novidade fica por conta da presença de dois novos jogos de estratégia, Warmachine e Hordes, publicados pela Privateer Press (e que já resenhamos por aqui como mostram os links) que também são vendidos por aqui pela “Tru Sales”.

 Interessado? A RPGCON acontecerá nos dias 4 e 5 de julho no Colégio Notre Dame em São Paulo/SP. Maiores informações podem ser encontradas no site do evento.

 Ficam aqui, desde já, os meus votos de sucesso ao evento como um todo bem como ao pessoal da “Tru Sales” no sentido de que repitam o “buzz” gerado no 16º EIRPG!

 Grande abraço e até a próxima.

Hello there!


It’s been a while since I’ve last shown some loving to my English speaking readers around here on “The Painting Frog”. I’ll try to make amends today.


I’ve just gotten home from a 3.714 kilometers journey to attend Latin America’s biggest Roleplaying Game’s convention: The 16th EIRPG (International Role Playing Game Encounter) held in São Paulo on the 5th and 6th of July.


No I’m not changing the blog’s subject. I was once a roleplayer but this is still a wargaming blog. The reason I took the time to visit the 16th EIRPG is because it was there Games-Workshop made its debut to the gaming community in Brazil.


No, we don’t have GW stores around the country yet. GW’s games are going to be distributed in Brazil by Hobby Depot a Brazilian company whose focus so far had been the radio controlled models and whose owner, Mr. Djalma Araújo, believing in the potential of the market has decided to take up wargaming in its catalogue and thus selected the biggest company out there.


To handle business down here Hobby Depot has selected a personal friend of mine, Silvio Martins, whose years of expertise on the gaming and roleplaying game editorial market and knowledge of the wargaming hobby will surely prove useful in the years ahead. They couldn’t have chosen a more able person.


It just goes to prove it was a right choice that Silvio has delivered the most successful stand of this year’s EIRPG. Hobby Depot/GW’s booth was by far the biggest hit around. Crowded everyday round on the two days of the event people were literally elbowing each other for a chance of playing a demo game or two on one of the tables which showcase the three main games currently carried by GW: Lord of The Rings, Warhammer and Warhammer 40.000.


The booth:






The demo tables:





The painting table:



Another popular choice amongst visitors was the painting table, transformed in two tables on day two to accommodate the eager attendees which kept coming back for more, that presented everyone with a chance to paint his very own model and as an added bonus take it home as a gift.


At the end of the day the booth proved to be a huge success and delivered its objective which was to showcase GW’s games to an enormous public of potential hobbyists.


There were two international guests at the event. The first of them, Mr. Joaquim Meier from Argentina owns Warzone and is the exact counterpart in that country of Mr. Araújo and the Brazilian Hobby Depot, being in charge of representing and distributing Games Workshop’s products for gamers and retailers in the neighboring country.


The second of them was Mr. Ricard Fortun Martinez, a GW UK employee who is part of the retail team being in charge of Latin American markets the likes of Portugal and the aforementioned Brazil and Argentina. There was a huge hype going around when people first heard we were going to get a GW representative down here for the event. People where expecting the likes of GW’s employees who attend international events like Games Day and who would be willing to share on the future releases and showcase some models. None of that happened. Somehow Mr. Martinez seemed unwilling to divulge or discuss future releases for the hobby leaning on pre-made phrases when inquired about the future. “We don’t tell you what you want to know. We tell you what you need to know”. I understand he might not have been allowed to discuss anything down here but even the man himself, Jervis Johnson, is known to throw a bone around. Too bad he wasn’t here.


To make matters worse Mr. Martinez made it clear that the established fanbase in Brazil was not Games Workshop’s biggest concern, the company’s focus being bringing new hobbyists into the fold.


As disappointing as GW’s employee might have been it was still nice to see Mr. Martinez around. It shows GW is serious about doing business in Latin America and proves that we can expect solid support from the company, or it’s distributor down here, sometime soon. And it’s not all bad news for the established wargaming community as the Hobby Depot team made it clear that no matter what company policies dictate they do not intend to leave veterans forgotten.


Their support was clear during the event as they also held, concomitantly to the demonstration booth, tournaments for the Warhammer, Warhammer 40.000 and Lord of the Rings games all of which were a huge success.


Bear in mind Brazil is a huge country and travelling around it costs as much (or more) as it would cost for an American to attend Games Day UK or for someone to travel a round European countries. Add that to the fact that the gaming community here is scattered all over the country and you get the big picture: it’s not often we get to see each other down here. You can see how big an event like that is on the local scene.


Having said that I must mention it was a blast to meet old friends and make new acquaintances amongst the members of the Brazilian community (which gathers on the national forum devoted to GW’s games: Warhammerbrasil) who attended the event. That’s a big part of taking part in events and tournaments like this.


Not only did we have a gaming tournament but a painting competition was also held during the event, in which we had some tough entrants. I was amazed at the quality of the paintjobs displayed especially because good painting supplies are not readily available in Brazil. I entered the painting competition with a model in each of the three existing categories (Lotr, Warhammer and Warhammer 40.000 models). I didn’t have high hopes of winning, as I didn’t have much time to finish my entries so I was gladly surprised when I managed to win silver in the LoTR and Warhammer 40K categories and a gold in the Warhammer one. I was really happy when a longtime internet friend who I had met “in the flesh” for the first time there and who was in turn attending his first gaming event ever  snatched gold in the LoTR category with a marvelous Rohirrim Standard bearer.


The painting competition entries:




All in all the booth was a huge success being talked about by every single person who attended the 16th EIRPG. It showcased the true potential for the wargaming hobby in Brazil and can surely be interpreted as a sign of things to come. One can dream about having a Games Day –Brazil someday.


See you around soon.