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Hello Reader!


I’ve recently had the opportunity of travelling once more to the UK and decided to take advantage of that to visit once more the city of Nottigham in England’s East Midlands.


Yes, the name might, and should ring a bell as this is the very same city whose infamous sheriff once troubled Robin Hood. Yep, that guy who, along with his band of merry men, stole from the rich and gave to the poor. His legendary status aside, Robin Hood’s figure is so intrinsically attached to the city and the Nottinghamshire county that his figure adorns the county’s flag and the welcoming signs to the county indicate that’s the land of Robin Hood.




Hello there Reader.


Ever since I first talked about the first GW perpetrated Embargo I expressed an interest in exploring other wargaming options out there in the market, not because of some sudden “anti-Games Workshop rage” but simply because buying the models for what was my favorite gaming system was getting too difficult.


Well to add insult to injury it has recently transpired that from the 15th of June onwards I will no longer be able to purchase from my favorite online stores based on the United States or Canada as GW has once more seem fit to prohibit stores carrying their products to sell outside their countries (they won’t even be able to sell online).


It should come as no surprise to you then that my efforts in locating other nice wargaming systems have been doubled and in that search I’ve come across what promises to be a small gem in the making: Deadzone.