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Hello Reader.


This is the Portuguese version of the “Catwalk Set” scenery kit’s review published earlier today here on the blog. Please check that out if you missed it as it’s a GREAT scenery piece by Micro Art Studio.


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Hello there Reader.


One thing I’ve been trying to do a  lot more with the blog lately is reviewing and showcasing different options in the miniature war gaming market to the Brazilian community and the blog’s audience. As you probably know it’s been increasingly difficult to get hold of GW products down here in Brazil (and pretty much everywhere else in the world where GW doesn’t have a presence or retailers carrying their products) and we’ve been purchasing our hobby supplies from other companies in the market.


The art of scenery making has taken a few blows since GW and other companies have begun making top quality scenery pieces and lately I’ve been fascinated with laser cut MDF scenery pieces as it seems there are a lot of options out there in the market today.