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Hello there.


I often mention the ReLOAD channel on Youtube. Owned by a good friend of mine ReLOAD is Brazil’s first wargaming channel on Youtube and has since its modest origins grown in size and content and now they’re holding their first contest, offering you not only the chance to be featured on their channel, but also a prize!


In order to participate all you’ll have to do is send in pictures (from 10 to 15 photos) or a quick video (no longer than a minute) of whatever miniatures you have painted as of late. The idea is to showcase your work and according to them ANYTHING GOES as long as you have painted it yourself (and yes, you can participate in it even if you live outside Brazil and doesn’t speak Portuguese).




Hello there!


I’ll be adressing my english reading visitors first today. If you check my old blog here you’ll see that I’ve made a habit of writing both in English and Portuguese whenever I updated the blog (ok not every single time but I did my best). Since migrating my efforts to the blog here at WordPress I decided to pay a little more attention to the brazilian gaming community in the form of gaming articles aimed at them in our native language: Portuguese. You see not everyone down here speaks English or understands it well enough to follow the rumors and news from websites and forums out there, so I took it upon me to translate a few of those to keep the community down here informed.


I’m still writing bilingual updates like today whenever I feel the subject might be of interest not only to the Brazilian community but also to the few foreign visitors I have here like the Warmachine review and the event report on the EIRPG.


Which brings us to today’s topic: A hot online painting competition being held by the Argentinean based web forum WargameZ.


From their forum (in a free translation):


WargameZ 2nd online painting contest.




          Best HQ character (1 model only)

          Best Unit (between 3 and 10 models)

          Best Vehicle / Monstrous Creature


Prizes (all prizes are a courtesy of HD comics & “Su Majestad Infernal”):


          For best HQ character: An Inquisitor model for the Inquisitor game.

          For best Unit: A Unit of 6 models.

          For best Vehicle / Monstrous Creature: A Rhino from HD comics.


How to take part:


Each registered user from the forum might present a single miniature / entry per category. To do so he must upload up to three images of each miniature / entry in the appropriate topic which will be created soon. To receive your prize you must present your miniature (if you live in the country some sort of way will be arranged to prove it is indeed a model painted by you and not a photograph stolen from the internet)


The contest runs from the 29th of July till the 12th of August period in which the pictures of the entrants must be posted in the appropriate topic.


After that time a “top ten” list will be created for each category (if necessary) and then the members of the forum will be able to vote for the best painted models in each category.


If you feel inclined to participate or would like to know more please check the appropriate topic on their forum (bear in mind it’s in Spanish).


Other than that I’d like to add it’s a pleasure having you around. Do check back soon.