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Hello Folks.


This is my 5th article from a series about “A Tale of X Gamers – ToXH” where I’ll build a 2000 point Ork army for the Warhammer 40K game.


On the previous month I finished panting my Warlord, Ghazghkull Thraka. This month I haven’t painted anything new, but I do have something to share with you readers. One of these days when I went for a game on Gereth’s house something really unpleasant happened.


Ever since I began gaming, I had always transported my miniatures in a regular box, without any sort of protection. The models were loose inside the box.



Hello folks.


This is my fourth article from a series about “A Tale of X Gamers – ToXH” where I’ll build a 2000 point Ork army for the Warhammer 40K game.


On the previous article I presented my full army list and miniatures set. I’ve opted to purchase all the miniatures I’d need to build my army on the first months of the project, which will allow me to start playing games right from the start with my battle brothers.


Now all that’s left to do is painting.





Hello folks.


Continuing the series of articles of the “A Tale of X Gamers” – ToXG, I’m back to relay to you my experience on my third month of the challenge of building an Ork army of 2000 points for Warhammer 40.000.


Last month I finished painting the miniatures from the Assault on Black Reach basic box (20 Ork Boys, 5 Ork Nobz and 1 Warboss) and also finished assembling the ones from the Battleforce, the Lootas, Big Mek and extra Boys purchased off Ebay.


This month I have received some new items bought on Ebay to increase the army. Thus I’ve spent my free time assembling and organizing the new army.




Hello guys.


Continuing the series of articles for the “A tale of X Gamers” – ToXG, I come forward to relay to you Reader me experience during the second month of this challenge of building a 2000 point ork army.


So, before we go on, a quick recap: On the first month I’ve painted 16 Ork Boys and 3 Deffkoptas from the old 5th Edition Starter set, Assault on Black Reach, which total 231 points.


The plans for my second month were to finish painting the miniatures from the AoBR box and to purchase some new units and that’s exactly what happened.



Well, I’m the newbie on this group and my name is Marcelo Ferrari.


I’ve always enjoyed gaming in general, specially Role Playing and Board games, but my only prior experience with the Warhammer 40K universe had been the PC strategy game which I still play.


Back then I didn’t even know there were miniatures from this universe or even a complete hobby behind them. It was an interesting discovery, even if a little frightening prospect when I found out about the cost estimates to get into the hobby


When the friend Gereth showed me his well painted miniatures and after watching a game on beautifully made scenery I got really interested in the hobby and decided to purchase the starter box called “Assault on Black Reach”. We were still on the last days of the game’s 5th edition.


In order to make sure I’d adapt to the hobby and taking advice from the more experienced friends I didn’t invest a lot in paints at first. I began by purchasing some basic paints made in Brazil thinking I wouldn’t spend much on them (My mistake as we’ll soon see).