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Hello Reader.


Yes, I know… let me save some face and skip the apologies for not updating recently and get straight into today’s post, which for you English speaking Reader is, unfortunately, another apology.


So let me get that out of the way: I apologize in advance for making today’s video content only available in the languages it was recorded in (Portuguese and Spanish) but the video was not only very long (meaning a lot of extra time to work the subtitles in it) but also because my grasp on the Spanish language isn’t great, certainly not nearly good enough for me to translate accurately what was being said by our “maestro”.




Hi there Reader.


Some of the most frequent things I get asked these days by my friends are about the painting course with Fernando Ruiz I participated in back in may 2012. People want to know how it was, if I enjoyed it, what was taught on it and a lot more, but, in order not to be unfair as I came back with mixed feelings about it I opted to digest the course a bit before talking about it.


Well, I’ve reflected a lot on it by now and decided to talk about my impressions on the painting course today. Instead of beating around the bush I’ll say what I think about it straight ahead and then I’ll justify my opinions: I found the course incredible, and an unique opportunity for any miniature painting enthusiast, however, I was a quite frustrated by it and had I known more about it before enrolling I might have chosen not to participate on it.


Sounds confusing? Allow me to explain myself.