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Hello Reader!

I’ve published a few articles here on the blog authored by friends of mine, who either ask to have their stuff published here or who are invited by me to share their thoughts on the blog.


I’ve recently done so with the “A Tale of X Gamers” articles, and also with the Warmachine starter box review.


Today’s post here is another guest article, this time authored by one of the good friends I’ve made in this hobby, even if we’ve only met in person once. He’s the guy who ultimately made it possible for me to get into the wargaming hobby, and especially into Warhammer 40.000: Joao Marcelo, or JM as he’s often called.


Without further ado, here’s his review of the Maki Games scenery pieces.




Hey there Reader.


It’s been a good while since I’ve written a proper painting tutorial in order to share with you guys here on the blog.


I believe that in order to improve our painting skills we should strive to leave our comfort zone whenever possible and there’s this technique I had wanted to try for a long time called “Salt Weathering” which, to sum up, consists of using your every day kitchen salt to as a mask when painting, but that, thus far, I hadn’t found an opportunity to try.


The nice thing about this technique is that it produces irregular patches which can be really useful to simulate paint wearing off from surfaces. Given that I wanted to go with a weathered look for my Outpost Kit (reviewed here the other day) I decided it was time to give the technique a try.