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Well guys I’m back to my Tau Army. They’ve been on hold for a couple of months now and I blame that on “adult life”, being too lazy to work on them and my disappointment with 40K, however, the new edition and the experimentation with some new lists brought me some victories and with those an injection of renewed encouragement.


So we’ll begin with my Tau commander. It is a Forge World models (I forgot exactly which one), that is really imposing and while painting it I wanted to steer away from the yellow, as I wanted him to stand out on the battlefield. I didn’t take a picture of it with his accompanying drones, but they share the same red/white color scheme. The base uses my idea of an invasion being conducted on a desert world whith some crystal deposits sprouting (they’re used as fuel for vehicles and guns). Showtime!





Hello folks.


Going on with the project I’ll continue with my troop choices for this post. After agreat deal I’ve purchased enough used miniatures to assemble two 12 man Fire Warrior squads and a 6 man Pathfinder squad.


I’ve also managed to buy me my second Devilfish after a couple of pretty frustrating auctions.




After a while without touching any miniatures I’m back to showcase the basic color scheme for the troops on my Tau army.


I’ve always wanted to paint yellow and this project has presented me with the opportunity to lear how to paint this color. So my basic troops will sport an yellow paint scheme with some cream and brown added to it.


When it came to details I didn’t want to stray far from my chosen palette so I opted for orange and in order to break all those colors a bit the plasma effects will be painted in blue.




Hello folks, I’m 4irw4lk3r from the “Brushes n’ Paints” blog and I’m participating on this project from my friend Gereth here on the “The Painting Frog” blog.


I’m still having a hard time trying to decide which theme to use on my new Tau army and full of doubts about what to buy in order to expand the army. With the rumors about the new Codex Tau floating around I might stick to the basics from the Battleforce box for a while.


I intend to work on assembling the army and coming up with a theme for it this month as I already have a color scheme for it in my mind, with sober colors but with a range of combinations that may make the models shine on the tabletop.



Hello everyone, I’m 4irw4lk3r from the Brushes n’ Paints blog and I’m participating on this Project from my Painting Frog friend.


I first came across Warhammer 40K back in 2003 and since then haven’t stopped playing it. I started collecting Space Marines, particularly those from the Dark Angels chapter, a lot more because of their looks and fluff over how good they were on the gaming table. Nowadays I started collecting other games, like Infinity (which I play with a Japanese Sectorial list from Yu Jing) and Warhammer Fantasy (with High Elves), and I’m very interested in painting techniques and model making itself.


I chose the Tau because of their background in which an alliance of alien races try to achieve equity among species under the ruling of an empire.


Building a Tau army is a huge challenge, which is another reason I like them, in order to attain synergy between units and the game’s strategy. Beyond that I had always been attracted to the Crisis units as they’re beautifull, have great potential for conversions and … they’re MECHAS.





Pensando em retrospecto todas as miniaturas que pintei recentemente não são minhas. Não me entenda mal. Não estou reclamando ou lamentando aqui. O faço por mera constatação.


Sempre gostei de presentear os amigos e uma das formas por mim encontrada para demonstrar meu apreço por eles é justamente pintando miniaturas ofertando as mesmas, ou tão somente a pintura, como presente.


Foram muitas ao longo do tempo. Acho que não me lembro de todas. Um Mad Doc Grotsnik pintado a muito tempo para o Tiago; Um porta estandarte da guarda imperial pintado para o Luis Carlos; inúmeros Space Wolves pintados para o Fábio; um Inquisidor e um pégasus para o Marcos; um Ork para o Silvio; o Looted Rhino do artigo anterior para o Antônio Jorge e hoje, o motivo deste post, um Comissário da Guarda Imperial e ninguém menos que o comandante do Farsight Enclave: O’Shovah (não Mauricio eu não me esqueci do seu elfo. Sim eu vou pinta-lo em breve).


O Valter é um dos inúmeros amigos que fiz jogando Warhammer 40.000. Adepto do “Greater Good” ele foi contra todos os conselhos e insistiu em usar um personagem pouco utilizado por outros jogadores que tem exércitos dos TAU. Essa determinação em usar o O’Shovah merecia ser recompensada de alguma maneira, motivo pelo qual resolvi pintar a miniatura pra ele. Como bônus pintei também um dos novos comissários da GW.


Espero que ele goste delas quando as receber.



Hello there.


Any newcomer to this blog might think that I have no army of my own. I do paint a lot of models for others, not for cash as some may believe. I do them as gifts.


Over the years I’ve painted tons of models for friends of mine like the ork Looted Wagon/Rhino from the previous post and on today’s post I bring forward pictures of the last two models I’ve churned out. Models for a friend as usual. Hope he likes them.


See you soon.








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