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Hello There!


Hobby related events down here in Brazil are few and usually really spaced in between so it’s not always that I have something to tell you guys out there about.


One would think that wouldn’t be the case with GW having set foot in Brazil a while ago but so far that hasn’t proven right as no events have been put forth by its local representative/distributor other than some small events showcasing the hobby. There have been no events aimed at the established community so far, but that was kind of expected (more on that on the future).


Well the community down here has thrived over the years solely on the efforts of fellow hobbyists and that’s what I have to report to you guys out there today.


If you happen to be in Brazil this month I believe it’ll be worth your time checking the “Iº Encontro de Wargames, TCG’s e RPG de Ourinhos” (First Wargaming, TCG and RPG encounter of Ourinhos) in Ourinhos/ São Paulo which will be held by a local club of hobbyists (The SWC – Streem Wargames Club) on the 15th and 16th of November.


The event will not only sport a LoTR tournament but also have Warhammer 40.000 demo tables and a miniature showcase showing models painted by the artist of a local painting studio. All in all great weekend activity if you ask me.


In case you’re tempted to attend Ourinhos is easily reachable from the capital city São Paulo (it’s a, roughly, 4 hour journey to cover the 370km which separate the two cities) by car or bus. Just leave me a comment if you need any help getting there.


Cheers and see you around soon!