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Following up with our battle reports here on the blog I bring you today one of the  last battles I got to play in March/2017, this time a combat between André Mancini’s Dark Angels and my Space Wolves. If you follow us on  Instagram you will probably have already seen a few snaps of this battle. If you’re not following us there, please do check the link for exclusive  content and consider following us there. You can also check us out on  Youtube and on Facebook and start following us there as well to help us give away two copies of the Figopedia book to our readers.

This battle was a test for Mancini’s Dark Angels’ list for the upcoming Rumble in the Jungle 3 which will happen on the 22nd and 23rd of July 2017. The idea was for Mancini to get a few more games under his belt gaining more familiarity with his army, as we haven’t been gaming much since the Rumble 2 tournament. As we played each other then (with me using my Imperial Knights) I thought it would be a nice idea to play a classic battle between  Lionel Ritchie’s Lion El’Jonson’s Dark Angels and Leman Russ’ Space Wolves.


This was Mancini’s list:



Company Master with a Relic Blade; Artificer Armor and Shroud of Heroes – 145 pts.


Tactical Squad (10 models) with a Plasma Gun; a Plasma Cannon; Veteran Sergeant and Melta Bombs – 200 pts.

Troop 2:

Tactical Squad (10 models) with Melta Gun; Missile Launcher; Veteran Sergeant; Melta Bombs and Plasma Pistol – 195 pts.

Troop 3:

Tactical Squad (10 models) with Multi Melta; Melta Gun; Veteran Sergeant; Melta Bombs and a Drop Pod armed with a Deathwing Missile Launcher – 225 pts.

Heavy 1:

Devastator Squad (5 models) with two Lascannons and two Heavy Bolters – 120 pts.

Heavy 2:

Predator witth Twin Linked Lascannon and Heavy Bolters – 120 pts.

Fast 1:

Ravenwing Bikers (6 models) with a Veteran Sergeant; Melta Bombs and two Plasma Guns – 195 pts.

Total: 1200 points.


The forces of the Dark Angels arrayed for battle.


This was the Space Wolves’ list:



Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf and armed with Black Death (relic) – 175 pts.

Troop 1:

Grey Hunters Pack (5 models) with Melta Gun; Pack Leader with a Frost Axe;  Razorback armed with a Lascannon and plasmagun turret – 170 pts.

Troop 2:

Blood Claws Pack (10 models) with Power Weapon; Pack Leader with a Power Fist; and a Rhino – 190 pts.

Fast 1:

Thunderwolf Cavalry (3 models) with one Thunderhammer – 135 pts.

Fast 2:

Swiftclaw Pack (4 models) with a Flamer; a Power Fist and a Battle Leader with Thunderammer and Combi Melta – 110 pts.

Elite 1:

Murderfang – 135 pts.

Elite 2:

Lone Wolf (1 model) with Terminator Armor and Thunderhammer / Storm Shield and a Fenrisian Wolf –  83 pts.

Elite 3:

Wulfen Pack (5 models) with 2 Thunderhammers / Storm Shields and a Wulfen Leader – 210 pts.

Total de 1208 points


The forces of the Space Wolves seen before battle was joined.


So here’s our report:




The frozen ground creaked and cracked under each step of the armored ceramite boots of the  Space Marines as they walked around occupying positions on the abandoned facilities of Ossiria VII. While the Scout extraction team gathered data from the colonial administration building the assault forces of the Dark Angels sent in response to the distress beacon cosolidated their position on the ground. Their next steps would be dictated by the data they gathered.


A sudden guttural howl rose above the wind and in response another several howls rose from around the Dark Angel encampment. Vox silent was broken by the perimeter sentinels and amidst the bolter shots the warning: The Space Wolves were attacking them!


The battlefield at Ossiria VII before battle was joined.


Another view of the battlefield shows the objectives already in place (the “Maelstrom of War” missions require that you place six of them on the table).


Another picture showing the objectives.


The Dark Angels quickly occupy their positions on the battlefield choosing for a centralized deployment.


The unit of Space Marines and the Ravenwing Bikers occupy the center of the Dark Angels’ lines.


Right next to them a Predator and a unit of Devastators seek shelter underneath a landing pad.


On the left side of their deployment zone, the Company Master was accompanied by a unit of Space Marines, all of them postioned to occupy one of the objectives.


The Space Wolves concentrate their forces on the left side of their deployment area. The unit of Grey Hunters positioned themselves to control one of the objectives with the Swiftclaws protecting themselves behind the Razorback. Nearby the Wolf Lord and Thunderwolves take shelter behind a control tower.


The Wolf Lord and his entourage of Thunderwolves.


The unit of Wulfens and the Lone Wolf take position on a decrepit and old defense building.


The Space Wolves entrust their right flank to the fury of Murderfang and a unit of Blood Claws on a Rhino.


Our game began with Mancini’s draw of Maelstrom objective cards. On this particular mission the “SECURE OBJECTIVE X” (where X would be one of the objectives numbered 1 to 6) drawn by any players would be worth points for any of us able to secure it in our turns.


The Company Master and Space Marines advance towards the objective.


At the center the Ravenwing advances towards the Space Wolves.


The Ravenwing speeds towards their objective.


Devastators and Predator tank advance to get better shooting positions.


The end of the Dark Angels’ movement phase.


The Dark Angels take aim.


The Razorback survives unscathed the fusilade of the Dark Angels.


The Space Wolves’ turn begins with objectives being drawn.


The Space Wolves’ turn begins with a massed advance towards the Dark Angels.


The right side advances as well.


Under cover from the Grey Hunters the Wolf Lord and Thunderwolves advance towards the center…


… while the Swiftclaws speed in the direction of the troops sheltering under the landing pad.


One of the only shots to be fired during the turn comes form the Razorback…


… with a little luck the shot destruys the Predator and kills one of the nearby Devastators.


On the Dark Angel turn the Devastators occupy better firing spots.


Meanwhile the Ravenwing Bikers make their intentions clear and advance on the Swiftclaws.


The Dark Angels keep the objective under control.


Another turn of movement ends for the Dark Angels.


Shots from the Ravenwing bring one of the Swiftclaws down.


The Devastators fire on the Wulfen…


… killing one of them.


During the assault phase the Ravenwing charge the Swifclaws losing one of their number to overwatch.


The new turn for the Space Wolves begin with further advances.


The Blood Claws’ Rhino speeds towards the objective being held by the Dark Angels since their first turn.


The Wolf Lord and Thunderwolves rush to help the Swiftclaws.


In the assault phase the Wulfen and Lone Wolf charge the Tactical Squad.


The Thunderwolves also succeed in charging the Ravenwing Bikers.


Both combats are brutal…


… with heavy casualties inflicted on the Dark Angels…


… on the combat with the Wulfen the surviving Space Marines retreat…


… while the Wolf Lord makes short work of the last remaining member of the Ravenwing.


With the end of their combats all the surviving Space Wolves consolidate towards the landing pad.


The third turn of the Dark Angels begins with the arrival of reinforcements on a Drop Pod.


The Company Master leaves the safety of the unit and advances. The Tactical Squad opens fire against the Rhino wrecking it. Elsewhere Murderfang gets immobilized by the firing of the Devastator squad.


The last remaining Wulfen climbs the landing pad and charges the Devastators.


Meanwhile the fleeing Dark Angels are intercepted by the Space Wolves.


The combat between Dark Angels and Space Wolves begins anew …


… the Veteran Sergeant manages to kill the Lone Wolf…


… however his bravey was short lived as he and his surviving squad members are cut down by the wolves.


Celebrating their victory with shouts of “FOR RUSS!” the Space Wolves consolidate towards the last spot of Dark Angels’ resistance.


Having their transport blown, the Blood Claws turn upon the squad that had disembarked from the Drop Pod. They slaughter them in a single turn.


The Dark Angels begin a new turn trying to bring vengeance to their enemies…


… seeking vengeance for their brutalized battle brothers the Tactical Squad opens fire against the Blood Claws while the Company Master advances.


Shooting takes a heavy toll on the Blood Claws and the Company Master charges in to wrap it up.


Echoing their primarchs the Wolf Guard Battle Leader challenges the Company Master to individual combat…


… beinng mercilessly cut down by the Company Master.


The combat between Wulfen and Devastators comes to the end…


… with the Wulfen emerging victorious.


The final Space Wolves turn begins with the Thunderwolves advancing towards the flank of the remaining tactical squad.


Closing the vise the Swiftclaws approach the Company Master.


In the ensuing assault phase the Swiftclaws charge the Company Master.


The Thunderwolves charge the Dark Angels.


The Company Master issues another challenge and quickly dispatches another Space Wolf.


The Thunderwolves butchers the Tactical Squad.


The game begins with a solid victory from the Space Wolves. Well fought my friend, well fought.


Surrounded on all sides by the Space Wolves the Company Master invested against them like a cornered beast but was kept at a safe distance by the surrounding warriors that taunted him. Having dispatched the last remaining men from the tactical squad the Wolf Lord dismounted from his Thunderwolf shouting to his men in the native tongue of Fenris. The Space Wolves immediately ceased their taunting adopting a merely defensive stance while their lord approached the circle with the Dark Angel in its middle.


“- Filthy bastard!” shouted the  Company Master throwing his helmet to the ground, sheer rage distorting his features as he confronted the Space Wolf coming towards him while the warriors that had surrounded him parted to make way.

Thrusting his sword into the ground the Dark Angel lifted a finger towards the Wolf Lord’s face threatening ” – The High Council on Terra will hear of this atrocity…” he was interrupted by a brutal punch from the Wolf Lord that landed the Dark Angel on his back.

“Restrain him. They talk to much, the children of the Lion” ordered the Wolf Lord as he walked in the direction of the colonial administration building. The Wolf Scouts had neutralized the Dark Angel extraction team while the Wolves conducted the divertion attacking the main force of the Dark Angels. It was time to find out what had happened in Ossiria VII. 




And that’s all for today folks. Over and out.


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